There are many educational and recreational programs that make meaningful contributions to children’s lives. Here’s what makes Bee Me Kidz unique.

  • Bee Me Kidz is the only program in New Brunswick using the highly-respected PATHS® Curriculum, which has been proven to strengthen the social and emotional skills that are crucial for school success. Bee Me Kidz provides PATHS® in a unique context by offering it in our Saturday program AND through our partnering Bee Me Kidz schools throughout the week AND by educating parents to reinforce the learning at home.
  • Bee Me Kidz is more than a simple help program for children. It is a partnership with parents, communities and schools that wraps children in a positive atmosphere of love, support and education.
  • Many programs address one area of child development. Bee Me Kidz addresses four areas in one program: social and emotional skills, nutrition, parenting skills and community connectedness.
  • On Saturdays, Bee Me Kidz includes a unique Parent Group in which parents and guardians can socialize, share parenting experiences and tips and learn how the learning their child is receiving can be integrated at home. Babysitting of Bee Me Kidz siblings is free during Parent Group sessions.
  • Bee Me Kidz is not a limited, short-term program. It operates every Saturday throughout the school year for children in grades 1 to 5 and their families and at our partnering Bee Me Kidz schools throughout the week.