If only all kids had the same opportunities to succeed!

Bee Me Kidz is an educational non-profit that empowers and inspires elementary-aged children and their families to develop the social and emotional skills that will enable them to succeed in school and life.

Bee Me Kidz is FREE and available to any family in the community that is looking to move forward in a positive direction. By partnering with parents, schools and community members we strive to create a balanced and informational approach to family growth and achievement.

In short, our mission is to help kids and families Be the Best Me They Can Bee!

Levelling the playing field

The need for the Bee Me Kidz program is real! Child poverty in Canada is a growing problem and poverty-related stressors can severely impact a child’s ability to learn in school. The result is often low grades and high dropout rates that perpetuate the cycle of poverty.
Bee Me Kidz levels the playing field for children from different socioeconomic backgrounds by helping them develop the skills and resiliency they need to have the same learning potential as other Canadian kids.

Bee Me Kidz in the Schools Through the Week

Bee Me Kidz has been such a rousing success that it has expanded into an elementary school program, creating a positive, inspiring and supportive learning environment where students are encouraged to “Bee their Best.”

In the school environment with our partnering Bee Me Kidz schools, the entire school is transformed with the Bee Me Kidz culture. Bee Me Kidz signage is posted outside the school. All teachers receive training in the Bee Me Kidz culture and the PATHS (Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies) Curriculum.

At Bee Me Kidz schools, students kick off each morning hearing the Daily BUZZ after the National Anthem on the morning announcements. The Daily BUZZ is based off the Bee Me Kidz character trait of the month that provides positive encouragement for the day.

In each classroom, a child is chosen to be the Bee Me Kid of the Day. This is special because that child gets to be the classroom helper for their class. They receive positive compliments from their peers, their teacher(s), and themselves that is hand-written on a special piece of paper for them to take home. In addition, there is a blank spot for their parent/guardian to write a compliment as well.

Each of our Bee Me Kidz schools has a designated Bee Me Kidz teacher. Each week they teach students important social and emotional learning (SEL) skills. It is important for students to receive consistent SEL learning and encouragement that will help them succeed in their school careers and beyond.

The Bee Me Kidz school program has achieved exceptional results in reducing disruptive behaviours, increasing concentration, attention and social/emotional competence, plus creating a more positive cultural environment where the kids can learn and excel.

Bee Me Kidz in the Community on Saturdays

Bee Me Kidz is transforming lives and communities! It operates FREE OF CHARGE at three locations every Saturday (except holidays) during the school year from 8:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. for Grades 1 and 3 and their families and 11:30am until 1:30pm for Grades 2 and Leaderz (grades 4 & 5) and their families.

Through crafts, games and social activities plus the world-renowned PATHS® (Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies) program, Bee Me Kidz children have fun and develop friendships as they learn important social and emotional skills. A bounty of wholesome, nutritional meals and snacks are provided.

The program has a parental support component (with free babysitting for Bee Me Kidz siblings), so that the benefits can continue at home. There is also an integration plan that brings Bee Me Kidz into the classroom at local schools. Bee Me Kidz values its partnerships with parents, guardians and schools, and actively seeks their input and feedback.