Bee Me Kidz has been such a rousing success that it has now expanded into an elementary school program, creating a positive, inspiring and supportive learning environment where students are encouraged to Bee their best.

In the school environment, the entire school is transformed into a Bee Me Kidz Zone. BMK Zone signage is posted outside the school and in the classrooms. All teachers receive training in the Bee Me Kidz culture and PATHS curriculum. Students enjoy a three-times-per-week Bee Me Kidz/PATHS class in which they have fun while learning important social and emotional skills. Each classroom has a designated Bee Me Kidz Zone where children can go to self-regulate their behaviour. Every Friday is Bee Me Kidz Day when all teachers and students wear Bee Me Kidz T-shirts. In this way, students receive consistent learning and encouragement that will help them succeed in their school careers and beyond.

The Bee Me Kidz school program has achieved exceptional results in reducing disruptive behaviours, increasing concentration, attention and social/emotional competence, and creating a more positive cultural environment where the kids can learn and excel. Teachers, parents and students are thrilled. Here is what Tina Estabrooks, Principal at Centennial Elementary School in Saint John, has to say about the Bee Me Kidz program at her school:


Bee Me Kidz triangulates a relationship between children, parents and educators, and provides a common tool to support child resiliency. Centennial educators, understanding the challenges presented by life in poverty, were eager to embrace the mission and embark upon the task of enhancing our school climate and culture. – Tina Estabrooks

This year we have witnessed great gains. Students are excited and proud of being a Bee Me Kid. The educators witnessed the benefits of a program that allows each child to shine, builds self confidence and develops self awareness. As we continue…our children, without the emotional confusion created by a life of unfavourable circumstance, will be the very best they can be. This (program), I predict, will exceed all of our historic expectations. – Tina Estabrooks